Friday, October 09, 2009

Pictures from the Week

Last night we went and cheered Cory on at his softball game. The girls had a great time pushing a little girl around in her stroller. Just know that Katelund picked out her own outfit and I let her wear it, pants tucked into boots and all, because remember I am encouraging confidence. :)

The picture with the September calendar is Katelund's behavior chart. When I looked at the calendar (it is sent home at the end of the month), I was laughing hysterically. Click on the picture and read what she did on September 2nd. The last picture is just a fun one of Cloey. It just shows her personality so much.


Melissa said...

What a sweet conversation with your girls. :) Morgan did the same thing the other day when we were in walmart. She saw a lady with a very low cut shirt, and pointed to her and said, "LOOK MOM! She is not dressed modest!" (loud enough to hear) I luckily pushed her arm down and gently & quietly told her that yes, she wasn't dressed modest, but that we don't point because that will make them feel bad. :) You are such a good mom. I admire the way you teach your girls. Especially Katelund with confidence, and I LOVE the pants in the boots. :)

Mandy said...

I'm sure an older kid gave her that idea. How funny! I love that picture of Cloey, and I miss softball games with our hubby's. Looks like you guys had a good time.

Melissa said...

No, I'm pretty sure Katelund came up with it on her own. She is Cory's daughter after all.

J and C said...

I thnk Katelund has great taste! I love the jeans tucked into boots look, seriously! I just don't have the boots or I'd do it too. IT is way hip!

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