Thursday, April 18, 2013

Young Women Fun

Can I just say how much I LOVE my laurels???!!!! They are so much fun!!!! Being a laurel advisor over these eight girls has got to be the BEST calling in the whole ward. Five of them will be moving on this summer to college and/or missions. I will miss them TERRIBLY!!!! We have had such a blast with all of the activities we've done over the last year. I have served with the youth for the last eight years (except for one year in there when I was the visiting teaching coordinator...which I LOVED!!). I have grown and learned so much from them. I am constantly amazed by their strength, determination, and desire to live righteously and to be different from the trends of the world. I know that at some point I will serve elsewhere, but for now, I am soaking it all in and loving every minute of it. Maybe, just maybe, it will help me with the four teenage girls I will be raising in the near future. Oh, the top pictures are from New Beginnings a couple months back. I was in charge of decorating (which I LOVED doing). I actually ended up putting pom poms all along the front of the stage as well, it ended up looking way better than these pics, but these pics are all I took. The theme was "Putting Our Soles in Holy Places". We had eight girls be models for the eight values. Each model would wear shoes that were the color of the value. As they walked down the runway, another young women was her MC. She had prepared a little speech to explain how that particular young women stood for her value in her life. The girls did such a GREAT job!!!! It was a great night!

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