Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Trip to Atlanta

On Saturday we drove down to Atlanta for the temple open house. Atlanta is our temple, but for the last two years that we have lived here it has been under reconstruction, so we have been attending the Nashville temple. Cory and I were SO EXCITED to take our girls to the temple. In fact, as we were just minutes away, we were all singing together, "I love to see the temple, we're going there today...." It's what I always sing around the house on the days that I go the temple. I think Cory was mostly making fun of me, but whatever. :) He got just as emotional as I did as we pulled up in excitement and realized that this was the chance of a lifetime. The chance to teach our girls, first hand, the beauty and sacredness of the temple. The whole experience was AMAZING. The girls couldn't have been more excited to walk through those temple doors and know that they could actually see what was inside. They were so reverent and just tried to take it all in. Cory and I would take turns whispering in their little ears about the importance of particular rooms and then we would also bear testimony to them of what was being said by the tour guide.

The part that I was so excited about was the opportunity that I would have to show my girls the bride's room. It was actually not part of the tour, but as the rest of the group was at one end of the dressing room, I pulled my girls off to the other end so that they could see the bride's room. As I knelt down with them and we looked into that beautiful room together, I told them to imagine themselves in their beautiful white wedding dresses and then I explained to them how this is the special room where they will get to go on their wedding day. In here, they will primp and get all fixed up while I get to stare at them in the beautiful mirror and cry because of how excited I will be for them to be standing there in the temple, pure and clean, to be married for time and eternity. It was a sweet moment, one that I will never forget. I hope that they will remember it as well. That when times get hard for them in their teenage years, that they will be able to remember themselves as a little girl staring into that bridal room and imagining themselves standing there on that special day... beautiful, pure, and worthy.

After we left the temple, we spent the rest of the day exploring Atlanta. Cory took us to some of the fancy malls in Atlanta. It was SO MUCH FUN!! Especially, when we went into Tiffany's. Katelund left very disappointed because she had really wanted us to get her a birthstone necklace. A girl can dream, right?! :)

It was a great day filled with many moments that will last a lifetime.

We were going to ask someone to take a family picture of us, but I had to go to the bathroom so bad!! So, this is all I got.

Hailey is the pickiest eater I have ever had!! We got her a fruit bowl with grapes and pineapple, but she wouldn't touch anything until we moved the grapes away from the pineapple. She wanted nothing to do with pineapple. Crazy, right??!

This was the yummy pizza that I ordered. It was SO DELICIOUS!!!
Cory got a pic of me in front of Tiffany's, but it's on his phone.


Melissa said...

My friend is from Atlanta & wishes so bad she could have been there for the open house. I wish I could have too. What a great experience for your family!! I hope your girls will always remember that, and if we are ever able to go to a temple open house again, I hope to do the same thing with my girls.

Mandy said...

I just took a few minutes to catch up with you via your blog....sorry I've been out of touch. I love all the pics and posts I've read. The Atlanta temple experience sounds so amazing. I would love the opportunity to do with our kids what you and Cory got to do with the girls. Love ya!

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