Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Words

No pictures, just words. I'm having issues with downloading pics today, so I'll have to post some of the adorable pictures that I have later. Oh, and I even took some pics of my latest organizational closet and bathroom. They look amazing (well, compared to how they looked before)! You'll just have to take my word on it for now.

Life is good, busy but good. I had a dentist appointment cavities. YEAH!! I had a doctor's appointment weight gain (for the last 6 weeks) YEAH!!! Why 6 weeks you ask? Because I missed my appointment the other week. I totally spaced it. I guess you know that you're on your 5th pregnancy when you totally space out your appointment and when you have no idea what week you are on. Whenever I get asked, I can never remember...which is totally not how I was with previous pregnancies. But, just for the record, I am 25 weeks. The baby (I THINK Cory and I have FINALLY agreed on a name but I haven't told anyone, so I better tell my family before revealing it on my blog)is 1 1/2 pounds. She is quite the kicker and I think the sickness is finally over!!! YEAH!!!!!! Other than the normal aches and pains of pregnancy, everything is going great!

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Sherrie said...

Hurray! You deserve to be feeling better:) Name?

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