Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Baseball Game...The Perfect Remedy

When Cory came home last night to a screaming Hailey, an upset Katelund, a whiny Cloey, and a wife who was seriously on the verge of insanity, he decided to do what any good husband would do. He hurried us through dinner, told us all to get loaded up in the van, and took us to a local minor league baseball game. We had such a great time!! An exhausting day ended perfectly.

Cory may not have any boys to play baseball with, but he has girls! Almost everyday he practices throwing, catching, and hitting with them in the backyard. It is really cute. We had a sports-themed Christmas so baseball mitts, bat, and ball were on his priority list. My list included a tennis racket and balls.

It's really hard to get pictures of Hailey these days. She is such a little busy body. She will not hold still for a second. The only time she will hold still is when she is being read to. She LOVES books!! Or when she's eating OR getting a foot massage (yes, I'm serious). So we spent a lot of time shoving food at her, reading to her, and massaging her feet and legs. Overall, she did pretty good for a 14 month old who does not want to sit still and watch a baseball game.


Matthew and Shanna said...

I think that's so cute that Cory plays ball with your girls. Looks like a fun night.

Sherrie said...

Can life get any better? Thank you for such a great post and thanks to Cory for reminding me that life isn't always about work!

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