Friday, April 02, 2010

some questions for you...

Have you heard of Justin Beiber? I LOVE him! Seriously, you have to listen to him if you haven't. I really like the song "Down to Earth" and "One Less Lonely Girl".

Have you seen "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock? LOVE IT!!!

Have you used the "Twilight Moon" lotion from Bath and Body Works? It's fabulous!

Did you listen to Sister Dalton's talk at the General YWs broadcast? SO GOOD!!

Have you seen how cute my little baby is? A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!

Do your children think that Saint Patrick's Day is everyday because they are STILL pinching each other when they don't wear green? Mine do.

Do you need some new cooking ideas? Go to and check it out!! It's a new favorite of mine. Melanie is one of the moms that I do preschool with. She's pretty much amazing.

Is it sad that I did 20 lunges yesterday on my walk and my legs are so sore today? Well, they are.

Although I am trying to eat healthier so that I can actually lose some of this baby weight, dark chocolate is still okay, right? Don't tell me no....I've convinced myself that it is healthy for me.

Does it drive you as crazy as it drives me when people send you forwarded email EVERYDAY!!! I'm NOT sending it on to 10 people and I don't care how much more lucky I will be!! So annoying!

Are you as excited about General Conference as I am?!!!

Have you seen the cookbook, "Hello, Cupcake"? If not, you HAVE to check it out at your local Target. My sister and I ran across it and I bought it. I haven't made any successful ones yet (although that was a lot of fun Andrea!), but I can't wait to make more.

Did you know that Cloey turns five in a couple of weeks? When I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she said she wanted her Aunt Amber to throw her a birthday party in Utah just like she did for Katelund last summer. Sorry, honey. That's not happening. But I did make some really cute invitations to her party.


The Allphins said...

I did hear Sister Dalton's talk and I loved it! I also loved President Uchtdorf's talk relating life to a fairy tale.

I'm so excited about General Conference--Jason surprised me with tickets to the Sunday morning session and Stef and I are going to hang out while the boys are gone for the Priesthood session.

Sherrie said...

Way to go Jason! As for your post Mel,Iloved it. Especially about the I don't care how lucky I will be:)
Mom by the beach

Dan and Anne said...

I am sure that Dark chocolate is totally healthy for you. Anything that tastes that good has to be good for you :) I just checked out the sisterscafe blog. How fun is that? I just added to my list of favorites baking blogs. Hey does your friend Melanie have another baking blog called my kitchen cafe?

Andrea said...

1. I have heard OF Justin Beiber. But haven't heard him. He's quite popular with the little girls, though. :)

2. I did see "The Blind Side." Loved it. Want to see it again.

3. Love that scent.

4. I'll have to look up Sister Dalton's talk.

5. I have seen how cute your little baby is. And I concur.

6. No. Thankfully my children do not still think it's St. Patrick's Day. But Abby's toes are still green...

7. I have loved reading the Sisters' Cafe blog. Great stuff.

8. Not sad. You just had your stomach cut open. Remember? Oh, and were you walking and lunging in your neighborhood? Because I would say that would definitely be a reason for soreness.

9. Chocolate is essential to life.

10. Very, very, very much.

11. Yes. And loved it.

12. Yeah... love the book. Let's just not talk about that "attempt." Ok?

13. Crazy. Can't believe that girl is almost 5. But I have a better idea for her party. Why don't you come to TEXAS and I'll throw her a HUGE party. ;)

Melanie Anne said...

I love your list! And was so happy for your sweet comment about me:) What a sweet girl you are! I think dark chocolate is very healthy:) And I will have to check out the lotion and cookbook! Blindside is a favorite over here at our house! We love those sports movies! Have you seen the Gugby one? I just forgot the name?? Anyway--it is super! we have it if you want to borrow it. And lastly your invites for Cloey's party are soo cute! Bridger is very excited about it!

Mandy said...

Um, heard of him, but who the heck is he?? I'll have to listen to something he's done.
LOVED the Blindside, Brad did, too and bought it right away.
Don't think I like that one. I'm pretty picky, has to be a light scent, not floral or soapy either.
Haven't heard the talk yet, but I will.
Absolutely adorable!
My kids don't know much about the pinching part of SPD yet. I'm glad. :)
Oh, to cook...someday I'll try more new things.
The lunges...uck, they are killer. I was thinking about you doing them in your neighborhood, too, but mostly because I thought it'd be amusing to watch somebody lunging down the street. :)
Hey, go with it girl!
OH, yeah. It was great, wasn't it?
Um, no, but I'm taking a cake decorating class and it's awesome. (doing it with 3 friends, so extra great. my first friend activity in like almost 3 years.)
Oh, Happy almost bday Cloey! Have lots of fun celebrating. Love and miss you!

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