Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Day Before

Due to the fact that the annual "Day of Service" for our area was scheduled to happen on Cloey's birthday, we had her party the day before. She got to choose whatever she wanted to do for her party. She chose to ride the carousel and play in the water fountains at a park in downtown. She was SO EXCITED for her party and talked about it for weeks beforehand. She invited a couple of girls and lots of boys (her primary class and preschool class are mostly boys). They had a lot of fun and it was the easiest birthday party ever. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and neither could the company.

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Sherrie said...

Why am I not surprized that she invited "many" boys? Hmmmnn...I think Im see a pattern forming.
Like mother like daughter, so they say. She is you all over in many ways. What a lucky girl and what a lucky mom.
Love you, Mom by the beach ( in Maine next week)Perhaps there they call it the MAIN beach, sorry, could resist:)

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