Saturday, May 16, 2009

WARNING: This may be way too personal...but I just have to vent

Today we took a family trip to Walmart to get some needed items. As we started walking down the aisles I started to realize that I probably should have changed my tampon before I left for the store. I got a quarter and ran to the bathroom to buy a "feminine product" from the machine in the bathroom. It took the quarter but nothing came out. Since I was in such a hurry, I had run off without a phone or wallet and I did not want to have to go searching for Cory through the endless aisles of chaos. So, I ran to the tampon aisle and then ran back to the bathroom. But not before I explained to one of the workers that the machine had taken my quarter and I needed a tampon right now so I was going to open up the box, take one out, leave the box with her, take care of my EMERGENCY and then go find my husband so that I could pay for the box. I really thought that she would think that this was a good plan, especially since I was in such a desperate situation. But, NO. She would not even think about doing something like that. I was shocked. I didn't know what to do and I was almost in tears (remember, I am a little more emotional right now due to the fact that I am on my period). Anyways, she was not giving in so I frantically ran around the store trying to find Cory. Luckily I found him relatively quickly and was able to save myself from being completely MORTIFIED.

The more I think about this whole scenario, the madder I get (remember...all my emotions are intensified this week). I know that there are people out there who are dishonest, but what about those of us who are honest??? Am I completely irrational for thinking that someone could trust a desperate woman who is in a difficult situation? What is wrong with this world? Just because there are dishonest people out there, I don't think that takes away our responsiblity to be decent human beings who have empathy for others. Maybe just last week she had some other woman say the same thing and then never returned. But really if you think about it (obviously I am thinking WAY too much about this) the box of tampons was less than $6 for 40. So they would've been less than 15 cents each and I had lost 25 cents in their machine. So actually, I had almost paid for 2 of them!

I really need to let this go...but first I just had to vent. I feel much better (although I think I just might write a letter to Walmart). On the other hand, this story may be a little too personal, which means it is probably way to personal to be posting on the internet. LOL. : )


InkMom said...

You can write a letter, but you can't make them be nice to you! Seriously, this is why I refuse to go there anymore. It's been two years. My life is WAAAAAAAY happier.

My situation was different than yours, and I had like 10 people who were rude to me, but still. It's the principle.

Carmen said...

Don't ya just "love" moments like that? (I do -NOT! lol).... :)

I totally understand where you are coming from. My Mom has always told me though, the dishonest people in the world make it hard for the honest ones...and I think that's true.

J and C said...

I totally understand the need to vent! I wish I could afford not to shop at walmart, but alas, it is closest to my house and cheapest.

I would definitely write a letter to the local people at least about the lack of customer service and empathy in ANY of their employees.

In my mind, it seems like if she couldn't give you the one out of the box, that another female would try to talk to some of her girls friends and locate one. IF I had even over heard you and I had one, I would have given you one! So sorry!

Whyzzerd said...

we always go to the same cashier at wal-mart, so she has gotten to know, and she has nicked named Stephan the "on-the-go" baby because we always end up feeding him dinner while shopping at wal-mart. The last time we went over the produce isle and gave him a lunchable. I didn't feel bad about it because I knew we were going to buy it. We have also picked up snacks there, and let him have it before we paid for it. When I worked at wal-mart, this was actually kinda common. My point is, next time, just open the box and use it, you know you are going to buy the box, so it doesn't really matter in the end. We have never gotten yelled at for opening something, and then paying for it.

btw, I have had to use the products in those machines once and they are no good anyways.

Andrea said...

OK. I just have to say that I think this has very little to do with the fact that you were at WalMart. There are people like that everywhere you go. There are unhappy, selfish, miserable people regardless of where you shop. But... there are also kind, helpful, compassionate people. The trick is finding those, I guess. (And making sure that you are one of those people - which of course you always are.)

So sorry you had to go through that, though.

Melissa said...

Good point Andrea!! Thanks for the suggestions. I totally agree with you, it isn't just Walmart, it can happen anywhere. I have also met some wonderful people at Walmart who have been very helpful.

Lindsey said...

The best stories always revolve around Walmart! Eric and I have several great stories from going to Walmart.

Mandy said...

Ok, you gave me a good laugh..thank you. I think you had a good reason to be frustrated and mad -- I mean, they should have appreciated your honesty in the first place. The world is not so friendly and trusting as it once was, but that's okay. We'll still try to give everyone a reason to be, right?

erin sheely said...

You poor thing!! That is a horrible story.

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