Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo Session with Daddy


Amber said...

How come Cloey has the scariest faces?? That crack me up. You've been all over the blogging world and I've been way out of it. There's so much to comment on.

LOVE the house! You finally got your green kitchen! Yea! I'm completely jealous of your "library". Well, I'm jealous of a lot of things but I try not to covet. LOL.

I love you and I love that you pocket dial me more than you realize, especially early in the morning.

The Allphins said...

How cute! That would make a cute scrapbook page!

John said...

These pictures make me feel like I am close by, thank you for sharing them. They reveal such personality!\Love Mom by the beach. (Opps I mean mother-in-law by the beach:)

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