Thursday, May 28, 2009

Technology Independant

So I am really trying hard to be better at writing more frequently because I am still hoping that one day I will actually get money for having these ads on my blog page. I don't know if that day will ever come, but I can dream right? (I originally did it so that I could pay for my internet service...yea, that didn't work out so well). Apparently you have to make a certain amount before they will send a check.

Anyways, I have really been thinking about my wierd repulsion to technology. Not all technology (I love having a computer for blogging, banking, online shopping, emailing, and looking up talks, recipes, ideas, etc...) BUT I have some wierd thing against GPS systems. I think it all started back about 4 years ago. My parents sent Cory and I some money for Christmas (like $200). I really wanted to take my portion of it, $190 (just kidding, I'm not that mean), and go buy some clothes. Well, Cory thought that it would be a better idea to take the whole amount and buy a GPS system. Never in a million years would I have agreed to that, but if anyone could sell me on it, it would be my darling husband. He did a really good sales job and made me feel like I just had to have this stupid thing. (I have since learned when he is trying to sell me and I don't fall for it so easily). Long story short...I never used it and I think that subconsciously I became bitter (okay not really, but maybe a little).

Let me explain, but first of all just know that the GPS system sits in my van 24/7 and that I have a GPS on my phone....

A couple of months ago, my sister came to visit me while I lived in Asheville. I drove to Raleigh to pick her up from the airport and on the way home I got lost. What did I do? I forged on ahead because I knew that I'd figure it out sooner or later. We contemplated calling my Dad and I think Andrea even pulled out the GPS, but there was no need, I figured it out.

Fast forward a month later in Tennessee. I was driving to Sams for the first time. I thought I could figure out how to get there based off of a broad description my friend had given me. After driving on the freeway for a little while I came to a sign that said, "Welcome to Georgia". So, what did I do? I called Cory (about 20 times). He didn't answer. I called my friend Celeste (about 20 times). She didn't answer. I figured it out and turned a 20 minute drive into about an hour.

My mom came a couple of weeks ago and we decided to explore downtown. I thought I could figure it out. Nope. So we called my Dad in Texas and he gave us better directions than a GPS ever could have. I don't know how he did it. He's pretty amazing at things like that...or maybe he just uses his GPS.

My mom and I drove to Columbia, SC. I printed directions off the internet. We got lost finding the hotel. My mom finally MADE me use the GPS on my phone. And, wow, it actually got us there and it was pretty easy to use.

Have I used it since? Nope.

Also, my cell phone. After having many members of my family complain because my phone was always dead (no names....Amber, Sherrie, Cory, Andrea, Mom) I decided to be better. But I still hate the fact that anyone can get a hold of me at anytime. So, there are certain times when I just refuse to take it with me because for some reason I just feel so much independance and freedom knowing that I cannot be reached at any second of the day and that I can find my way when I'm lost without some lady telling me where I should turn or u turn.

Whew. It feels so good to declare my independance.


Destinee said...

I'm with you. Especially on the cell phone thing. I don't want to be so accessible all the time.

Yay! You got your three columns figured out! Curse html.

By the way, no check here either still. Maybe I'll buy myself a GPS with my first check. Ha!

Rebecca said...

I have never had GPS, but don't know if I would use it. But if we don't give in now someday we won't know how to use anything!

(How did you do your 3 columns? It looks great...and now you are making me want one!)

InkMom said...

CPod bought a GPS unit that's portable, meaning, it's never in our car. He connects it to the internet and downloads waypoints for the backpacking trips he's going on, and then, especially if he's on a trail that is not very well marked, or if there are several trails that cross, he can make sure he ends up in the right place. It gives me LOTS MORE peace of mind when he's gone for several days (or more!) and totally out of cell phone range.

BUT I usually think I can figure things out, too . . . although I have found the GPS on our iPhone to be immensely useful. You can make them not talk to you, you know. It doesn't sting so much when the one who knows how to get there isn't called "Michelle" or something, and especially doesn't sound like the next words out of her mouth will be something out of a 1-900 number.

Andrea said...

Interesting summary of what happened on the way home from the airport. :) I'm pretty sure it was something more along the lines of we tried to use the GPS, but the battery was dead. Then we tried to use the GPS on your phone. But the battery was almost dead.

But yes, you did eventually figure it out. Poor Cloey... :)

As for the cell phone - why don't you just take it with you but turn it off? Then you'll have it if there's an emergency. Oh, wait. Maybe that's not a good idea. Because then when you don't answer the phone, someone (who shall remain nameless) will call you 20 times, then start calling all your friends and family. :)

Whyzzerd said...

I am so with you on the cell phone thing. I hate being on the phone in general, so for someone to be able to accsess me day or night just irks me. So, most of the time I don't answer it... this is however, where I LOVE txting because then I don't have to do the social how are you, how is the weather thing before getting to my point of calling. There have been many times that I just don't bother picking up my phone when it rings.

As for the GPS, I really want one! I could probably get lost in my own neighborhood if it has more than one street... However, I think maps are better!

So, my cool tip for the day, you can txt google. type in google where the phone number goes (I think it is 45546) and then in the body type directions point A to point B (address or city names) and it will give you the directions. Google txt does weather, movies, dictionary... and all kinds of cool things!

Melissa said...

Okay Andrea, you're right. I guess we did pull them both out, but that just validates my point. You can't even rely on them when you need them. Or maybe I should just learn how to charge things.

After thinking about this further (while I was mowing the lawn last night) I realized that I am being kinda prideful by thinking that I can just figure out where things are on my own without any help...I started to think about it as a parable...something I do way too maybe I should just use the darn thing).

Staceroo said...

Chris is OBSESSED with GPS and we have multiple versions - hand held, one for the car, etc. The one for the car I have named Lucy, Chris' mistress. In the beginning she and I didn't get along very well and she took me off roading a couple of times. She has helped me out when I'm navigating a new city however, so we tolerate each other. I just tell Chris to remember that I'm his WIFE and Lucy is only his mistress.

Amber said...

First of all, why are YOU mowing the lawn?? Ok, now that I've asked that I can move on...

You are HILARIOUS. I love that you put so much energy into the GPS post. Also, the "nameless ones" are in random order right??

Lisa said...

i hate using a gps. i always print off directions beforehand, the gps always gets me lost. we actually almost drove into a lake because it said it was a road. stupid thing. i keep my cell phone with me at all times but i screen my calls. ha! i just dont always want to talk, but just in case something ever happens i know i have it.

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