Friday, August 09, 2013


So you know how I just wrote this whole post about my precious children and how much I love shopping with them and seeing their sweet faces? Well today, not so much. I made the horrible mistake of taking all four kids school shopping. The last store on my agenda was Target. I decided that since they were all getting tired of shopping, that I would bribe them with drinks and a bag of popcorn to split while we shopped for the remaining school uniform pants and shorts....bad idea. I'm pretty sure there is a trail of popcorn everywhere we were at that store. Also, at one point, Hailey dumped the entire bag of popcorn onto the floor. What did I do? What any desperate horribly disgusting mother would do...pick it all up, put it in the bag, and continue to let my children shove it into their mouths. I can't believe I did that?! Did I mention how desperate I was to finish without a complete melt down from one or more children?! Well, it didn't work. The melt downs came, the begging for this and that was relentless, and children climbing in and out of carts, hitting, screaming, and gnashing of teeth (a little Book of Mormon humor there) was coming at me from all four of my monsters. Then to top it all off, as I was walking down one of the aisles, I caught a reflection of myself in one of the mirrors. Holy cow! My hair was a mess and my figure was the least flattering thing I've ever seen! Pregnancy #6 does not look good on me. So, there are not going to be any belly pics. In fact, all those people who post their weekly pregnancy pics of their tiny little bumps, are no longer my friends. J/K...kindof. As I walked out of the store, I was fighting back tears from Katelund pushing the cart over my foot and wanting to knock out all of them and scream at the top of my lungs. I got in my van, buckled them all in, turned on Primary music as loud as I could (trying to keep the horrible thoughts and words out of my mind)and bawled my eyes out as I drove home. All four of my children were begging for forgiveness the entire way home. Apparently, silence and tears work way better than scream and lecturing. But don't worry, the lecture came as soon as we got home and I had gained control of myself. It was seriously the worst shopping trip of my life. I'm so glad it's over and I don't think I'm going anywhere with all four of them for the rest of my life. The end.


Carrie said...

This too shall past...! I think you probably just jinxed yourself. Any time I say how amazing Jake is he does something to make me want leave forever and never come back!!! I can only imagine how hard it is for Heavenly Father to watch all his children act horribly every day and still love us. But then again he is perfect so he always see us in love. Being a parent is an amazing blessing and sometimes it may feel slightly like a curse...Did I just type that? Yes I did. Also you are a liar, liar, pants on fire. I DO NOT believe for a second that you are anything but a perfectly adorable pregnant lady. The end. :)

All Fun Family said...

Oh, I'm sorry you had such a miserable experience. I have had a few of those recently as well (although not quite as bad). You should go read the nieniedialogues to read about Stephanie's very similar experience taking her 5 kids to Target for back-to-school shopping. It not only made me sympathize with her, but it made me feel better hearing another mom having a similar experience.

And you look SO CUTE pregnant!!! Don't let any of those lies enter into your mind about looking bad while pregnant. Aside of you always looking beautiful to me, the fact that you are creating a baby inside of you makes you incredibly beautiful.

Rebecca said...

I loved this. Sounds like my life. :)

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