Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love at Home

Wow, talk about falling off the blogging wagon. I have been horrible about posting this year. I have got to do better. Have I ever written about how much I LOVE Valentine's Day? Well, I do. I really think it is one of my very favorite holidays. I love all the loving that goes on. I love the simplicity of it. I love the colors pink, red, black, and white. I love that it is a day focused on showing and sharing our love for others. This year I decided to start a new tradition. Since February 1st, I have put a new heart on each of my girls' doors (and our bedroom door for Cory) that says one that I love about them. It has been really fun and I think they may like it as much as I do. :) Also, we wanted to do a Valentine's service project for family night this week. We decided on making cookies for our neighbors around us and delivering them last night. It was really fun, especially eating the leftovers because I think that I seriously found the BEST chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe EVER!!!!! It's the one on Our Best Bites. They are magical, and that is saying something because I'm kindof a cookie snob. I also made a fun little love banner that I hung in our kitchen (I actually made it for a YW activity, but it always has a dual purpose) I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do for the sisters I visit teach. There are SO many cute ideas on Pinterest....too many!! It's pretty overwhelming actually. I look on there and realize what a pathetic mom I am because this weekend I bought my girls a box of valentines, with a sucker to attached to it, to pass out at school. And, I bought a store-bought chocolate apple to give to their teachers. How pathetic am I?! Someday I will be more creative but in this stage of my life, I just don't want to spend that much time on homemade cuteness for 40 kids who won't appreciate it anyway. But, I do have some other cute ideas in store for the rest of the week, but I'll wait and post pictures later. Oh, and the quote at the very top....one of my favorites. I went to a "pinterest party" this past weekend and I put the quote on a canvas with modge podge for a gift exchange. I am going to make one for my home as well. I did choose my love, and I thank God everyday that he was the choice I made.

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Carrie said...

Great tradition!!! We stuck post it notes in the hall telling Jake all the reasons we love him and had heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. :) I usually get way into Valentine's day but this year we have been unpacking so I had to scale back. I love the treats for the neighbor and the poem!

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