Friday, March 09, 2012

The Bestest Mom That They've Ever Had..or maybe not

Before I began this story, I have to preface a little bit. When my kids go on field trips, I always pick them up early from school after they get back. Part of the reason I do this is because as much as I'd love to go on the field trips with them, I just can't (or choose not to) in this season of my life with two little ones, so instead I pick them up from school and have a fun afternoon doing whatever they want. Cloey had a field trip on Tuesday and Katelund had one on Thursday. So I picked Cloey up on Tuesday (actually I went to part of her field trip and picked her up from there) and she had her fun afternoon. Well, when Thursday morning came around and Katelund asked me if I was going to pick her up in the afternoon, I told her no that she would just ride the bus home like usual (I totally forgot she had her field trip). Then once I figured out that it was her field trip day I told her that of course I would pick her up. So now fast forward to 3 pm. I'm talking on the phone to my sister Katie and all of the sudden I realize what time it is...3 pm!!! You know, when the bell rings for the end of school. I had TOTALLY spaced it and had forgotten to pick her up early. I felt absolutely HORRIBLE!!! I went out on the front porch and just sat on the chair waiting for her to get home and racking my brain for what I could possibly say or do to make this better. As she rounded the corner to our house, she saw me and immediately started running and bawling her eyes out. As soon as she started up our drive way she started crying out, "Mommy, why did you lie to me?" It was pretty much one of the worst moments of my life. We just sat and cried in each other's arms for awhile and then I explained to her how I had forgotten and how horrible I felt. I told her that not being there for her when I told her I would be was one of the worst things I felt like I could ever do as a mother. As I continued to ask for her forgiveness and cry my eyes out, she put her arms around me once again and said, "Mommy, please stop crying, it's okay and I forgive you." (Oh, the Christ-like ways of a child. How I long to be so quick to forgive.)

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the afternoon doing whatever she wanted. I also promised her that I would pick her up early today (which I did and then we spent the rest of the afternoon watching netflix and eating chocolate chip cookies that we made together...I had some SERIOUS make-up work to do). Anyways, as we were sitting at the dinner table last night before dinner, Cory asked Cloey to bless the food. In her prayer she said the following, "...please bless Mommy that she will repent tonight because she lied and forgot to pick up Katelund. Also, please bless her that she will remember to pick us up tomorrow. And please help her to know that we love her and that she is the bestest mom that we've ever had."


Crystal said...

Oh, you are such a good mom. That is a fun idea to do for field trips.

Carrie said...

Children are amazing. What a great learning experience for your girls. It is good for children to see us make mistakes and show them they are important enough for us to ask forgiveness. You are a great Mom. :)

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