Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Humble Pie and Letting It Go

Without going into great detail (or any detail at all because you never know who will stumble across your blog), this week I have really been given a huge slice of humble pie. It is not that humble pie isn't good for you or that I have never had it before, but it was totally unexpected. Have you ever done something that you were super excited about and then somebody totally misinterpreted it and became offended by it? Yep, that's what happened. I really feel bad about it, but mostly because I just don't understand where this person is coming from. But, I'm swallowing it down and remembering that there is always something to be learned. Even if I don't understand and the prideful side of me really wants to fight back, I know that in the end what will really matter is how I handle it.

When we lived in Fayetteville (about 6 years ago), we had the MOST INCREDIBLE stake president ever!!!! He was actually just released a couple of weeks ago. Cory and I absolutely LOVED (and still love) him. Whenever you would pass him in the hallways at church, he would always stop, address you by name, and then make you feel like you were the most important person to him. When he spoke in stake conference, I would sit on the edge of my seat, write everything down that he said, and then leave determined to do exactly what he asked us to do. I have had some good stake presidents, but he was more than a good stake president. He was AMAZING!!

One stake conference, Cory and I walked in together and sat as far away as we could without making it totally obvious that we were in a fight. To this day, I have no idea what we were fighting about, but I do remember being really mad. We kept our distances and desperately tried to put on a happy face for those around us. I'm sure the talks were wonderful, but I was so upset that it was hard to even focus let alone feel the spirit. Then President Catlett stood up to speak. He gave a beautiful talk, one that only he could give. Near the end he spoke from his heart about some things that he wanted us, as the adult members of the stake, to improve upon. I don't remember exactly what he said, but I do remember three words that he said with such power and intensity that it pierced me to the very center of my heart. He said, "whatever it is that you are holding on to, whatever grudge you may be carrying, LET IT GO." After those three words my heart grew three sizes bigger and as I swallowed my pride and scooted right up next to Cory I whispered three other words in his ear, "I love you". Those three words made a huge impact on me that day. Little did I know that those three words, that specific and direct counsel from a man of God whom I loved and sustained completely and unquestionably, have come to my mind over the last six years over and over again. Today, they came once again, just as powerfully as they did all those years ago.

So today, I'm swallowing my pie and letting it go.


the lowes said...

I don't really like humble pie until months after when I realize how much I learned from a slice of humble pie. Thank you for your post today. I have been trying to "let something go" and I just don't know how to really let it go. Your words have helped me think of how I can direct my thoughts to more positive things especially towards those who have given me the humble pie. Any advice you have would be great! :)

the lowes said...

AAhh! I just posted under "the lowes" Sorry! :) I just designed her blog and forgot I was still signed in under her account. I'm sure you were wondering who on earth she was. :) Sorry!
love ya!

Sweet Coconut Lime said...

It's just me again. This time I think I'm signed in under the right name!
Anyway, thanks again for your sweet post!

MANDY said...

Humble pie, huh? I'm sorry you were super excited about something that turned out to be...uncomfortable. I don't think I could be offended by you because I know you have great intentions.

Carrie said...

Great post! I am kind of going through the similar thing...It is on Pinterest of all things! I pinned a quote from President Hinckley and I had 28 comments about sexism in our church (they obviously don't get it...) and even a couple about something that had NOTHING to do with the quote at all-just about what they thought Mormons believe. I made a comment...I tried really hard to be nice and positive...I think I should have read this post before I commented back and just let it go...Time will tell. Thanks for another great lesson Melissa.

Carrie said...

I hope you don't mind I put a link on my blog to this post because it really hit home...You are so awesome Melissa. Your posts are often just what I need to hear. :)

JRoberts said...

I just came from Carrie's blog.

After 14 years of marriage this is something I have perfected (or so it seems some days) in our married life, but struggle SO HARD with in my outside life. I really want to make others see my position, I really want to defend myself, or just stick up for someone else...but like everything else, it is SLOWLY coming along. :) I wish this was something that came naturally to me, but alas it does not. Thank you for your wonderful insights.

I am crusing your blog now.... :)

Mary said...

Humble pie sucks.

But I love the advice. Feeling all tingly inside.

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