Thursday, October 13, 2011


My girls LOVE Star Wars. We watch them together as a family quite often on our Friday movie night. The other day Cloey decided to use lipstick to paint her face like the queen.

Katelund LOVES to write word problems for her math homework. Her teacher always puts comments about how funny they are. This is the one she wrote on one of her math pages this week. I LOVE the last line she writes... "You know like boom!"

Do you know those kind of people who can do it all? At the end of the day they look perfect, their house is perfectly clean, they have a delicious homemade meal on the table at 5, and kids are asleep at 7? Well, that is SO NOT ME!! I wish it was, but let me tell you how it is for me. Yesterday I decided to make some wheat bread (Andrea, I LOVE your recipe). In order for me to make wheat bread, I have to have a perfectly clean kitchen because by the end of the project it is going to be a huge disaster. Then I have to grind tons of wheat (so I have leftover for my favorite wheat pancakes), and then begin making the bread. Why does it take me all day? Because I have a 3 month old baby and a toddler who is in to EVERYTHING! At one point, I actually got so frustrated that I put all of the kitchen chairs into a locked bedroom so that she could no longer climb up onto the counters and into the idea I've ever had!! And I really try to have dinner made before my older girls get home from school so that I can put my attention on homework. So by the time Cory got home from work, he saw a beautifully clean kitchen, four loaves of homemade wheat bread, and a pot full of DELICIOUS Minestrone soup. (Olive Garden better watch out because I'm pretty sure mine is WAY better than theirs), homework complete, and four happy children. I was feeling pretty good about myself, until I looked in the mirror when I went to the bathroom. HOLY COW!!! I totally forgot to shower. I had mascara flakes around my eyes, crazy hair sticking out in all directions, and flour ALL over my total grunge outfit (you know the kind, very worn black yoga pants and high school tennis t-shirt) that I was wearing ALL DAY LONG and I'm pretty sure I ran in it the day before. Good thing he kissed me anyways and totally loved dinner!

My wheat grinder is one of the BEST Christmas gifts ever!! Thanks Mom!

I had to take a picture of Cory eating this dinner because not only did he love a soup full of vegetables (when we first got married all he would eat were corn and peas) and 100% whole wheat bread, but also a dinner WITHOUT any meat. Can you tell how excited he was about me taking this picture? LOL!


Crystal said...

Wow! That is pretty immpressive that you did all that in one day and still took care of your kids! Post your recipe for your soup, I would love to try it. I have a recipe for Olive Garden's Pasta Fagoli that is awesome but it does have a little meat in it.

Lew said...

Looks amazing!! Pretty please post your recipe for the bread and soup :-) I would love to try it.
Hope all is well!!

Carrie said...

You go girl! I bet Corey didn't even notice the crazy hair and flour. I love the picture of him eating. At least he is acting like he doesn't mind-Aaron is such a party pooper (really how do you spell that? It always has that red bumpy line under it!). I agree with Lew-post the recipes!

Andrea said...

Where's the picture of you at the end of the day?!? That really would have made a better post. ;) He, he.

Your bread looks great! Great job!

Melanie Anne said...

I just caught up on your sweet blog! I love your faith, hope and love that comes shining through! I am so happy that we are friends:) You are a bright spirit and I admire you! Hope you have a great day and your bread and soup look fantastic! YUM!

Beadles said...

Thanks for the recipe on the soup. I plan to try it next week. I am all about no meat dinners. I watched a documentary that changed my life. I would like to have your wheat pancake recipe. Ryan makes pancakes for the kids each Saturday and I would like it so much more if the kids would enjoy wheat pancakes instead.

The Griner said...

So trying this soup tonight. NOt sure if I'm brave enough to tackle the wheat bread too though. I totally got the same wheat grinder from my mom as a christmas gift too. Have to love the moms.

Jenna said...

Can I just say I loved this post?! Thanks for sharing!

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