Sunday, July 31, 2011

TOO cute at TWO weeks

At two weeks old, Makayla still looks very much like a little baby doll. Other than the fact that she has a total zombie of a mother because of her crazy sleeping patterns, she is a very good baby...and of course absolutely adorable.

Makayla is actually named after two people. The first one was a really sweet little red-headed girl that used to live next door to us in Rexburg. Before we ever had our own little girl, Makayla was who we imagined our little girls to be like. She was fun, spunky, and so stinking cute (I'm sure she is still is, right Anne?). To this day, Cory and I still love to remember the funny things she would say and do.

Makayla's middle name is Claire, which is short for Clairisa. Although we named her before we ever saw her, I think Makayla looks the most like her. Not only because she is so tiny, but also some of her features. In fact, in the hospital one of the nurses said the exact same thing that one of the nurses said about Clairisa. She said, "I think she's going to be a pianist with those long fingers." Crazy, right?

I have no doubt that someday Makayla will accomplish great things, but for now I will just simply enjoy the little piece of heaven that she has brought with her to our home.


Mandy said...

Melissa, I've missed your blog....and You, of course, and your family. I haven't had a working computer for many months. So, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I've been thinking about you. I knew you had to have had her already. I love you and miss you!

Dan and Anne said...

Yes She is still so full of spunk. She is funny and you would be so surprised to see how old she is now. Your Makayla is so beautiful. I completely believe that she will accomplish great things. I think that she already has.

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