Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why am I not blogging?

Because I am obsessed with the birthday present my sisters sent me....the Hunger Games series. Have you read them? They are addicting, suspenseful, and totally worth the 10 hours that I will have spent reading them over the last week!! Half a book to go and then I will come back to reality.


kristi lee said...

ooooh, good. i keep looking for them at mckay's and they're never there. may i borrow?

oh, can't make it saturday. BUMMER! kyle has to coach 2 games. let's totally plan for january.

Crystal said...

I LOVE them!!!! Yes, they took up all my time too. I am interested on your take of them at the very end of teh series, keep us posted on what you think of them. But I LOVE them, too!!!!!

Melissa said...


Yes, you can borrow them for sure!! Cory is still on book 2, but I'm sure he'll finish quickly.


Oh yes, I will definitely give you my thought on them because they are definitely making my brain spin.

Jen said...

Yep...they left me out of commission for a few days when I read them too! Totally addictive, totally worth it!

erin sheely said...

let me know what you think of the ending!! i just finished a few days ago and...well, just let me know what you think of the ending. :)

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