Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Update with Pics

So I tried to be cute yesterday with my not-so-great cupcake decorating skills (one of my new laurels had her birthday yesterday)....I thought it was really good until I saw how messy the frosting looks in the picture. Apparently it is not one of my "presents" (you have to read the previous post to understand what that means).
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Yesterday me and my three daughters ventured out to the mall. It was a lot of fun...but there was one major problem. In the midst of shopping, Hailey had a blow out. Not just any blow out....the blow out of all blow outs. By the time I ran across the mall to the nearest bathroom (why don't malls have more bathrooms?!!!), the poop (sorry for the gross details, but it just makes the story that much better) was everywhere!!! It was all up her back and out her legs. In fact, when I picked her up it was sloshing out the side of her leg and oozing out all over the carseat. I told Katelund to get out the wipes and diaper and Cloey to find the extra outfit that I keep in the diaper bag. The extra outfit and the wipes come out but NO DIAPER!!! Somehow the diapers had come out of the diaper bag and were on the floor of the van. So I did what I had to do, I used my McGyver skills (did anyone else used to watch that show with their dad?) and I put her in the extra pair of panties that I keep in my bag for emergencies. Then I put a changing pad under her and hauled it to the van before she peed all over (which she did). If it had been my first baby I might have been in tears, but for some reason by the third time around...all I could do was laugh.

Playing around at the mall.

This summer we are spending a lot of time at the pool because the girls are on a swim team. They have practice three days a week and then a meet every Saturday. They had their first meet the other day and they did GREAT!! They are both LOVING it!!

Hailey starts rice cereal this month. Although I have only done it one time, she did great with it. I've never had a baby figure it out so quickly. Third time around must be a charm because not only does she eat great, she is also the best sleeper I've ever had. She sleeps around 9 hours straight every night. She must be feeling the pressure to keep up with her older perfect sister, Clairisa. :)

One of the things that I do regulary in my house is give pedicures. To my children (I've even given Hailey one) and to my husband (I think he needs it the most). This last time we snuck some flower stickers on his toenails. For the 10 seconds that they lasted on there, I had to get a picture (aren't his toes crazy?).

Remember how I was trying to decide if I should dye my hair auburn again or get highlights for the summer? Well I got both done and I absolutely LOVE it!! I just couldn't ask for a better color specialist (that would be Cory). I had my hair back in this pic but at least you can see some of the coloring in the front.


Lisa said...

I really like the heart necklace. And your hair is gorgeous. I wish I was brave like you, I have never colored, highlighted, frosted, whatever, to my hair.

Melissa said...

I love your story! That happened to me once with Jackson, only it was right in the middle of church during the R.S. lesson. I was standing in the back, and the blow out went in a perfect thick line all down my long skirt. Sometimes you just have to laugh & not cry huh. :)

The Allphins said...

Wow, way to be resourceful with Hailey's blowout. You'll have to teach me all your tricks. I love your hair--mixing the two was a good choice!

Carrie said...

Love your hair! You can tell Corey is the Daddy of girls. Aaron would NEVER let me give him a pedicure. He has the best finger and toe nails I keep asking him to let me paint just one so I could see how awesome it would look if he were a girl. He never goes for it. Love the McGuyver diaper-pure genius!
****This is random for other people but you will know what I am talking about. Don't worry not all U-Scan cashiers get annoyed as easy as I was. It was new to our store and none of us wanted to do it. And for some reason my manager loves me to do it! Keep in mind I never let the people know I was annoyed. I still just acted as nice as I could. And kept pushing the button. They machines really are 50% of the problem-at least! The real problem was the sounds of the cash registers next to me I was missing...I really am a scanning addict! I wish I was at your Bi-lo too!)****

Jen said...

Love the hair! It's super cute on you! Edgar had some of those amazing blowouts too. I was a first time mom, but I still laughed...what else can you do?!? (=

Melanie Anne said...

that blow out story is hilarious!! Poor baby and Momma! You are a trooper. The girls look so cute and stylin posing with the sunglasses! You have such a cute family! oh and I LOVE your hair!! So cute! Lets get together soon!

Staceroo said...

I loved your blowout story. As I'm getting a little anxious about having another baby in the mix here in a couple months, this story reminded me the importance of keeping your sense of humor and just enjoying the ride through all the craziness. Thank you! And yes, I did watch McGuyver with my dad. Who knew that those skills would come so in handy? :)

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