Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pregnancy Agreements

You know how when you were a teenager you always had to take a friend to go to the bathroom with you? As girls, it is just what we do. I don't know why, it's not like it is scary to go the bathroom by yourself, it is just that need and desire for companionship. Someone to do what you are doing and to make the "bathroom trip" that much more enjoyable and less lonely. As a grown girl, I no longer need a friend to accompany me to the bathroom. In fact, I'd prefer to go alone because it is one of the only times in my day when I can be completely alone.

But, I don't think I have completely outgrown that need to have companionship...either that or maybe it has something to do with misery loving company. I absolutely LOVE to be pregnant at the same time as other people. It just makes it so much more fun and when I see how adorable my pregnant friends look, it makes me think that maybe I look that cute too (even though I'm sure I don't). There is a girl in my ward who is also 6 3/4 months pregnant (yes, the 3/4 is important, Andrea!!!). I love it (except for the fact that it is her first baby so I was showing WAY before she even had any sort of bump).

My sister-in-law Amber, who was one of my teenage best friends who accompanied me to the bathroom more times than I can count, has been pregnant with me for the last 3 pregnancies. I think that in some unexplainable way the bathroom contract that exists between best friends must carry over to adulthood. :) In fact, with Clairisa we were just days apart. Cloey and Brooklynn were 6 months and now we are 4 months apart in our pregnancies. Brittney, another sister-in-law, was also part of our contract for the last two pregnancies, but apparently she has decided to break her agreement (unless there is something I don't know). But, it is okay because I have another sister who has decided to sign-up for the fun. My little sister, Katie, is now officially announcing that she is pregnant with her first. I am SO EXCITED for her and Jason. Not only because she is going to join the contract, but also because her and Jason are going to be wonderful parents and they couldn't be more excited!

I would also like to acknowledge my other contractual friends....MommyJ (blog name), Destinee, Leslie, Rebecca, and Melissa S.

I'll send your contracts in the mail. :) I think the agreement will include the following items... matter what, you must tell your friend that they look amazing
2.when they are wearing maternity clothes, you must begin to wear them as well are not allowed to gain less than 25 pounds
4. even if you feel great, you must pretend that you are as sick as I am in the first trimester are not allowed to run throughout your entire pregnancy (AMBER!!!!)
6.your rear end must get bigger (if it doesn't please stuff a pillow in it when you're around me)

Can you think of any others that I should add?


Melissa said...

Wonderful! I love it!
Here are my additions...
1. You must be emotional!!! For no reason at all, other than the fact that you are pregnant and that your body has complete control over your mind. :)
2. When the doctor tells your friend that they have gained over 25 pounds, you must tell your friend that she still looks beautiful and take her out for icecream as soon as possible. (Then go to the doctor and yell at him... what doctor should ever tell a pregnant woman that she has gained weight... isn't that part of the process?-- And no, I haven't had any personal experience with this) :)
3. You must enjoy it with your friend as one of God's greatest miracles.

I'll let you know if I think of any others. :)

Destinee said...

I love it. And am happy to sign. How about this one, when your friend can no longer see her toes it is your responsibility to paint them for her.

Mandy said...

Very cute, is fun to have a pregnant buddy. Erin was mine last time....we were swollen and moody through those late NC summer months together. I remember sitting on her back deck with our feet in the baby pool while the kids played. Enjoy your "contract" buddies. :)

Sherrie said...

I think you should rub one another's sore and ever so swollen feet (not pointing out anything, simply remembering my own).
However should you include this in your contract be aware that this may be a deal breaker for Amber.

MommyJ said...

Very fun. :) It is great to have someone else going through the same thing you are. Emily and I have been pregnant together the past two times, but just barely. She's been six months ahead of me. Although, when you think about when those babies are older, that six months will hardly make a difference. We will each have two kids that start school at the same time, and that's fun to think about.

Whitney said...

Hey Melissa I'm glad to have someone I can talk to about being pregnant! You're great I love your girls and I hope ours can be great friends as they grow up together!

Lew said...

Love it, Melissa! It is really fun to be pregnant with friends. I just wish you were still closer ;-(

Amber said...

Love the unwritten, now written, pregnancy agreements. You are hilarious!

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