Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 was wonderful for our family. One of the best parts was getting to spend it with Grandma and Grandpa Mann. It was so much fun to share our traditions with them and create the spirit and magic of Christmas together. It was a year that we will never forget. Of course, I wish I would've captured more of it on camera, but here is a little glimpse through a couple of pictures I did take.
Makayla created an instant bond with Grandpa. He can put her to sleep like nobody else can. It was so sweet to see her face light up when she saw him. He is such a sweet Grandpa and I am constantly amazed with how incredible he is with babies. I have yet to meet a baby that doesn't fall head over heels for him (and vice versa) :)
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Not the best picture of my Christmas dinner table, but I wanted to get a shot of the BEAUTIFUL new plates that my mom and dad gave me for Christmas. I LOVE them. Not only do I love the design, but I also love that they are Correll, which means they are durable and shatter resistant. The perfect plate set for our family. When my mom was here helping with Makayla, I had told her how much I love that my girls know how to do the dishes and load/unload the dishwasher BUT through the process of learning, my 8 piece plate set has dwindled to 5. So, not only did she send me durable beautiful plates, she also get me a set of 12. No, we are not going to have a family of 12 ( I would definitely have to be checked into a mental hospital..that many children takes a special you Tasha) but we do love to have company for dinner quite often and we also REALLY need some backups. :)
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Grandpa was totally my HERO while he was here. He started and finished so MANY projects around my house that have been on my "honey-do" list for way too long (love you Cory, but seriously, 6 months??!!) The week after Christmas Cory had to work so Dad stayed home and worked here. Not only did he finish projects around my house, he also watched the babies many times so that me and Mom could go shopping and get out. I'm pretty sure I have the best in-laws EVER!!!
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One of the projects Grandpa did was set up Hailey's new bed. Then, he and mom helped me "Hailey proof" her bedroom since the previous day during nap time, Hailey had stair stepped up her dresser and it almost crushed her (thank goodness for the crib that stopped the dresser from falling all the way down). I don't think I've even scratched the surface on my blog about how fun/crazy/mischevious/and HARD WORK Hailey is. This girl seriously keeps me on my toes. I could tell you story after story!! But, I think I'll save some of them for their own post. The whole transition to a big girl bed has not been easy at all. In fact, I think I'm going to do some research and try and find an 8 foot tall crib. :)
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A family picture we took after church on Christmas morning. Notice the ADORABLE Mary Jane shoes that Makayla is wearing. One of my sweet friends from the ward crocheted them for her. How sweet is that?! I love them!
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I love this picture! I took the girls with me to go and visit one of the sweet sisters I visit teach. Our family LOVES her. She feels more like a grandma to us than just a sister in the ward. In fact, on Sunday she kissed Cory on the cheek. It was so cute. When Katelund and Cloey were over there last week, she pulled out all sorts of dress up clothes for them. They were in HEAVEN!! This picture and the last picture of Katelund are some of the goods they came home with.
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I can't believe I didn't take any pictures with our other honored Christmas guest...Roxi (Uncle Logan and Aunt Becca's dog). The girls pampered her all week long. At first, Hailey was scared to death of her (I'm pretty sure that dogs are the only thing she is afraid of). But, after a day or two, she and Roxi became BFFs. Eventually we had to put Roxi downstairs while Hailey would eat, otherwise Hailey would throw all of her food off of her high chair tray onto the floor for Roxi. It was hilarious. Hailey is still asking where Roxi is everytime she eats. It was so cute to see my girls so in love with a dog. It ALMOST made me think that someday I might actually get one.
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Melanie Anne said...

What a darling family!! It looks like you had a very happy Christmas! What a beautiful group of ladies you have have:) xoxo

Tasha L. said...

You have such a beautiful family! Melissa, you don't look any older than when we first got to know you - amazing! As for the family of 12, don't be too sure that I won't be checked into a mental hospital - it could happen any day! I'm sure you are even a better Mom than I was. I think you are at the hardest part of parenting - when you have lots of little ones, but your oldest ones aren't old enough to babysit or be super helpful. Now I have five children old enough to babysit, help with meals, etc. And, I have one old enough to drive! That makes a huge difference. I can tell that you're doing a great job.

Carrie said...

Love the pictures! Aaron is looking over my shoulder and he said "who is that other little girl? Oh it's Cloey!" He still pictures her as the little girl when you guys left!

Andrea said...

Great pictures! I can't believe Hailey is in a big girl bed! Wow!

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