Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Got Milk?

Hailey nursing her baby...

...and then pumping afterwards. :)

Look at that crazy wild hair! I love it!

These days my life revolves around milk. It has with each of my babies, but this time it REALLY revolves around milk. Ever since Makayla was born, she has been a very fussy and colicky baby. We did all the tricks (you know, all the things that worked for our other babies), but this time nothing was helping. She would spend her days sleeping and crying, sleeping and crying. And that is exactly how I would spend my days as well, oh wait, except for the sleeping part. Just kidding. But really, it was DRAINING to say the least. I went to a girls night out a couple of weekends ago and Cory asked me if I wanted to take Makayla with me. I quickly responded by bluntly explaining to him that she was the one I needed a night away from. I know that sounds really harsh, but I just needed a couple of hours without hearing a baby cry (funny, or maybe ironic is a better word, that the baby crying in the grocery store was the answer to my prayer while I was pregnant).

Anyways, to make a long story short, we figured out last week that Makayla is allergic to cow's milk. Therefore, I can no longer eat anything with milk in it. It takes two weeks to "clean" out my milk, so she is drinking soy formula in the meantime while I am pumping like crazy in order to keep up my milk supply (I do nurse her at night though).

At first I thought that going without milk wouldn't be that big of a deal, but did you know that milk is in almost everything?! It's crazy! But, I am making do and doing without. It's not so bad, especially since I can eat candy corn, wheat thins, and licorice. (I have to have some kind of junk food, right?) They definitely don't compare to chocolate, but they will work. Other than the above mentioned food, this lactose free diet is really forcing me to eat healthier. Oh, the things we do for our children. :)


erin sheely said...

oh my word!! i am sooo sorry. although i have to say i love your munchkin nursing her doll...my girls both did that when i was nursing and i thought it was awesome! i am glad you found out why she's fussy but sorry that it's such a giant pain.

MANDY said...

I was thinking just that same thing as I read your post...the things we do for our children. I've never had better self control of my diet than when I was diabetic with my last pregnancy. Wow, pumping and feeding constantly...could your life be any crazier?? I'm glad you figured it out, though.

MANDY said...

Oh, and I LOVE those pics of Hailey nursing and pumping. OH, my, so cute. :)

The Allphins said...

Well, at least you figured out the problem. I'm sure it's worth the sacrifice to have a happy baby. That is a serious sacrifice though. I remember looking at all the food labels when I was lactose intolerant, and milk is in everything.

Those pictures of Hailey are hilarious! Did you know they sell a doll that nurses? I haven't seen it at the store, but I saw it on the news. It's been pretty controversial.

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