Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School/Katelund's 8th Birthday

Katelund was really excited to go back to school on her birthday. I went and ate lunch with her and brought cupcakes for her class. I couldn't believe how grown up those 3rd graders look compared to the younger grades. It was so fun to see all of the kids so excited about their first day of school. Katelund had a great day and LOVED her new class and her teacher. She also loved having her grandma here on her birthday. We waited until Friday to have a birthday party. She invited eight of her closest girl friends and we had a swimming party with pizza, hula skirts, and rice krispie treats (she chose those instead of cake).

Cloey was SO EXCITED to go back to school. She loves her teacher but was very sad when she found out that two of her good friends from last year are no longer living here. But, I'm not worried. Cloey makes friends pretty quickly. Her biggest complaint after the first week of school was that she didn't have any homework yet. She really wants to do homework like Katelund does. If only she could take half of Katelund's homework each night.

Cloey is loving first g

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