Monday, August 09, 2010

what I've been up to

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. School starts on Wednesday, so we have been doing a lot of back to school shopping for both girls. I am still in shock that Cloey is starting Kindergarten. She is so ready, but I'm not sure that I am. I thought I was, but the closer it gets, the less excited I become. We registered last week and both girls are excited about their teachers.

Cory has switched positions within his company which is GREAT news because now he won't be traveling like he was. He was gone every other week with his last position, and it got old really quickly. We were so excited about the change and we both know that the Lord's hand was definitely involved because about a week previous to the change Cory was called to be Elder's Quorum president in our ward. He was sad to be released from his calling as Sunday school teacher over the 12 and 13 year olds. He LOVED that calling, but he is also excited and ready for a new challenge. So between his meetings and my meetings, we are staying pretty busy and having a lot of fun doing it.

One of my friends has a daughter that is getting married on the 20th. I have offered to do the decorations for the reception. I have been having SO much fun with it!! I'll have to post some pics later. One of the things that I am doing for the centerpieces is growing wheat grass. It is seriously beautiful, grows like crazy, and wonderfully cheap. I love it! This week I will be growing more of it, making 8 table runners, making tissue pom poms (has anyone made these before?), and working on the cute little tin favors that I am using my cricut to decorate.

I am also going to be in charge of the games at a bridal shower next week. Does anyone have any great bridal shower game ideas?

This last weekend was WONDERFUL!!! Cory's parents drove out to be with us and celebrate Katelund's birthday (her actual bday is tomorrow) and to start a new family tradition with us. Instead of writing it all out again I will just post an excerpt from an email I sent out to all of our family a couple of weeks ago.

"....When we lived in Asheville, we would occasionally visit Clairisa's grave. When we found out that we were moving from Asheville and would no longer be able to go and visit the place where our perfect little baby was laid to rest, we felt sorrow...but only briefly. Although her mortal body is buried underneath that plot of earth, she is no longer there. But, within the walls of the temple, we have found her spirit to be present on MANY occasions. It is the place where we feel the closest to her because not only is the veil thin within the Lord's house, but it is also the place where Cory and I kneeled on the altar and made possible the sealing bond that would link Clairisa to us for eternity. It is also the place where each of us have been linked together as a family because of our wonderful parents who knew and understood the importance of celestial marriage.

As Clairisa's Perfection Day rolls around each year, we would like to start a family tradition that includes each and everyone one of us. We would like to go to the temple on the Saturday before or after the 26th of July (depending on which one is the best for our schedule that year). As we do this, we would LOVE for each of you to do the same so that we may all be "together" in temples all over the country to celebrate not only Clairisa's Perfection Day, but also to look forward and prepare for our own.

It was an amazing day! In fact, too sacred to even share on a blog. How thankful I am for my family, for the gospel, and for Jesus Christ, who provided a way for families to be forever.

..........and that is what I've been up to.


Lindsey said...

Eric was just made Elder's Quorum Pres too, so I definitely know what you mean about the meetings! I am glad Cory won't be traveling so much now.

Matthew and Shanna said...

I would love to see pictures of the decorations you are making for the wedding. That is so awesome of you to take on that project!

kristi lee said...

I know you love to be this busy but really...when are you sleeping??!! You need to give me my assignment. I know Elizabeth has made some of those puff things for me before. We can certainly tackle those for ya...just let me know what else. FOR REAL! Spread it out my dear so that you can breathe!!

Ryan and Tonya said...

You are always an inspiration. It is so energizing when we are touched by the spirit. Attending the temple always seems to give off that energy, but going to the temple for such a specific reason is incredible. One day your other daughters will be able to join in this tradition with their husbands, what an occasion that will be!

Mandy said...

Melissa, you always amaze me with your energy and creativity. How do you do all of that with a baby and active little girls?? Your temple idea for the family is so inspired. It's a perfect way to remember Clairisa and focus on eternal families.

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