Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teeth, Youth Conference, and Grocery Shopping (all in that order)

Since it feels like it has been forever since I last posted a pic of all my girls, here it is. Aren't they just adorable? I think so.

Last Thursday was a really big day in our house. Katelund FINALLY lost her first tooth. I am so relieved. Last year in first grade, her teacher kept a poster in the room where the kids would put a tooth sticker by their name every time they lost a tooth. Katelund never lost any teeth, but I seriously came really close to just pulling one out myself if she came home crying one more time because she was the only person in the whole 1st grade that hadn't lost any teeth. Oh, the drama of 1st grade. :) I'm so glad the long awaited day has finally come. She couldn't be more proud!! I left for youth conference that day so I wasn't there when the tooth fairy came....which is why the tooth fairy gave such a generous amount of money. :)

Speaking of youth conference, it was incredible. It was a four stake event and it was held at a cute little college near Knoxville. They sent a request to the general young women's board and the general young men's board for two speakers and Sister Dalton said when she saw the request, she felt very strongly that she was the one that needed to go. Brother Eagan came as well and so did Elder Cornish. They all spoke several times and they were AMAZING!!!
Some of the girls are missing in this pic, but here are some of the beautiful girls that I am so blessed to be with.
Sister Dalton is so beautiful!! She seriously just radiates love and virtue. If you have ever listened to her speak, then you know that she is all about virtue. In fact, she even has a gold iphone that she showed us (gold is the YW color for virtue). She is such an inspiring lady. In fact, in the testimony meeting one of the YW said that she wants to grow up to be just like Sister Dalton....amen to that!!! One of the ways that I am trying to help the world return to virtue is by turning over all of the magazines at the grocery store that have immodest pictures on the front of them. It really bothers me to see such immodesty staring right at my children's faces everytime we go to the store. So I decided to do something about it. My girls think it is so funny. In fact, I don't even have to do it anymore, because they do it for me. I must say, I have gotten some pretty weird looks from people. :)

I just read a post on my cousin's blog about her accomplishment of grocery shopping with her little boy and brand new baby. I so remember what it was like to have two little ones and try to grocery shop...or do anything productive for that matter. It was hard, but eventually I figured it out. With three, it is also hard, but I think I have finally figured it out. I had to go grocery shopping yesterday and so I decided to give assignments. I had Katelund write out my grocery list as I named off all the items to her. Then, at the grocery store, she was in charge of naming off what I needed and marking it out whenever we put it in the cart. Cloey's job was to push Hailey in the umbrella stroller. It worked perfectly!! We made it out of the store in under an hour and with smiles on our faces....that is a HUGE accomplishment!


Sherrie said...

Melissa, I am not sure when I have enjoyed a post more! Thank you!
Mom by the beach

Carrie said...

Your girls are so adorable! Isn't the losing teeth stage fun? Just wait until she loses the top too. I took tons of pictures of Jake toothless because it is so dang cute!!!

Melissa said...

That is so neat you with Sis. Dalton, and that you got to meet her. Your Y.W. girls look beautiful- how fun to work with them! I took all 4 of my kids grocery shopping the other day, and it too was a success. I'll have to try your idea of having Morgan write my list.

Megan said...

Those girls are really looking good! I like this last photo reminds me of my daughter :)

Pamela said...

That is quite funny, hahaha..You make me laugh when she got home crying that she's the only one who doesn't lost teeth..but now she does.

Mandy said...

What an amazing youth conference! I recognize the Ward's daughter in your group of YW...she was a sweetie way back when. They grow so fast. Your girls are adorable as always. Good thinking with the assignments for the girls -- I'll be trying to figure things like that out soon, so thanks for any ideas. :)

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